Slowly working its way into the world is the use of smart watches and other wearable tech, don't think that it will be too long now before you will be able to fit a website onto a watch!


The way I work is a little diferent to other website designers to allow me to keep the costings down. There will be an annual subscription for the website hosting and then my fee will be added onto the account. This gives you the flexibility to annually review your website. 


Tel: 07507893055
Mail: Langtreedesigns@gmail.com

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I use the latest technology to create stunning and informative website for my clients. With pretty much everyone having a smart phone, I always ensure that your website is compatable on mobile devices



I am a self-taught website designer. I primarily use WIX to create my sites as they allow for quicker and simpler programming without the need for endless reams of code which to be honest is actually outdated and not with the times. 

My qualifications are in the study of media and electronic media production and design meaning that I have a keen eye for details and a flair for design. 


At the moment this is a relatively new venture for me as I am only recently starting up the business as previously it has been as a hobby or through recommendations from previous "customers" and friends. 

I have a lot of connections in the industry so am able to help many clients with a wide variety of professional services, incl social media, video production, social media content and much more!


The key with anything in design is staying on brand. These days its all about brand awareness and creating a feeling about you and your company. Much like first impressions, people make their mind up within a few minutes of visiting your site so you need to ensure that the connotations of what you have created match the product. 

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